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Rodent Movie Download Page.

Here are some short video clips of our animals in mpeg format. These videos were created in the days before YouTube and broadband, when many of them took up to 15 minutes to download on a 56K modem (remember those) and I used to struggle to find the money to pay for hosting due to the bandwidth used by the demand for these little clips. More web history than high quality media content as these days you can find wonderful high quality movies all over Web 2.0 but I've kept this page as they are still amusing.

The Persian Jirds. Mrs Jird hunts down a particularly troublesome raisin - in my opinion the best of the movies.
Download 2jird.mpg (507K).
Jirds. Some really cute video clips of the baby Persian Jirds on the Jird Movies page.
Fluff being Trouble.   Fluff entertaining herself with a particularly fine Ikea table!
Download trouble.mpg (481K).
Spike doing a flip. Ever wondered what is going on when a chinchilla does a mid air flip - well here is Spike doing one followed by the same clip in slow motion.
Download spike_slow.mpg (287K).
Fluff and a raisin. Fluff fails to get the point when allowed to choose her own raisin in an interesting variation of small children preferring to play with the box rather than their new toys!
Download fluff_treat.mpg (555K).
Fluff in her Dust Bath.   Yipee - it's dustbath time for Fluff!
Download sandbath.mpg (415K).
Degu's Feeding. Pumpkin and Willow the Degus enjoying dinner until Pumpkin spots something more interesting!
Download degus.mpg (285K).
Degus playing on the Wheel. Willow and pumpkin playing with their Wodent Wheel.
Download small_wheel.mpg (495K).
Dave with Box.   Dave demolishing a cardboard box that obviously offended him in a previous life.
Download dave.mpg (537K).
Noisy Degu There isn't much to see in this one but the noise track has pumpkin being really noisy about the fact that I am in her territory.
Download DeguNoise.mpg (119K).
Degus playing on the Wheel. Willow and pumpkin having a sandbath. This one was taken with a digital camera and is quite long and not so good quality but is very cute.
Download DeguSandbath.mpg (880K).
Noisy Degu Here's Pink Nose, letting the whole world knw that he has a woman!!
Download MatingCall1.mpg (272K).
Noisy Degu Another one of Pink Nose doing his mating call!!
Download MatingCall2.mpg (104K).

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