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Baby Jird Movie Download Page.

Here are some short video clips of our baby Jirds. They are tiny as they date from around 2001, the days of 56K modems and long before YouTube, but are still worth a look as they are very cute and a good record of Persian Jird babies growing up.

Idle Jirds. It didn't take long for the babies to start requiring the all important 22 hours of beauty sleep a night. This baby is trying to get at some food without getting out of bed while her sister displays a fine set of teeth while yawning.
Download idle.m1v (558K).
Baby Eating. One of our little petals stuffing her little furry face.
Download eating.m1v (282K).
Babies Investigating. Punch-ups galore as one baby jird learns that there are better ways of getting what you want than walking on your sister's head! This one is really, really cute.
Download jird_trouble.m1v (329K).
Two baby jirds. Two of the babies exploring literally only hours after their eyes have opened.
Download 2baby.m1v (279K).
Dad and Baby. Dad is unconcerned as one of the babies wanders out of the nest, has a good scratch and then wanders off.
Download dad_baby2.m1v (279K).

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