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Shopping for your eRodent.

There are a large number of places on the web where you can get supplies for your pet and I am only listing a few. Most of these are ones I have used, but as ever buyer beware. Take care when ordering on the net to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable firm with a registered address and used common sense as to whether products sold are suitable. I am occasionally making sure that these sites are still current but do not do a lot of updating of this page now.

This page was last updated on 6th November 2009.

John Hopewell Cages come highly recommended by those on the Chinchillas Unlimited forums. He makes chinchilla cages, and rat cages with deep trays and solid floors that are suitable for degus, as well as great 12" and 16" wheels. I have had wheels from him and he also made my shelves and poop guards in the degu cage (shown in the final picture on this page).

Aviary Accessories do excellent rabbit hutches and aviaries that would do for chinchillas. I ordered our custom guinea pig cage from here and it is of a very high quality.

eBay is also a good bet for cages second hand, it's where I sold my spare cages. Do a search on Degu Cage or Chinchilla cage and there are often quite a few ones there. Old fish tanks that might leak can be very suitable for gerbils as well. As ever take care when buying on eBay. Consider the cost of transporting the cage and anything new that you might need to buy in the final cost.

Hammocky Hammocks do hammocks, fleece cubes and other products and all funds from which are go to chinchilla rescues. Another source of hammocks and cubes is Fuzzbutt. Both sites have a range of wonderful products, the chinchillas and degus adore sleeping in them.

Chinchillas 2 Shop is a cracking site for a good cause. It has great feeds and hays, toys and chew toys and some hard to get accessories.

West Wales Willows does a good range of willow small animals toys, willow to make your own and UK grown timothy hay in bulk.

Bunny Bazaar has lots of feeds, hays and toys including Megazorb bedding.

The Hay Experts is where I currently buy my hay from. They do a wide range of different types and a set of sample bags to try out with your furry. They also do other products such as toys.

Seapets is the only place I can find to order the Beaphar Care Plus chinchilla pellets that I use.

Petlife International do vet bed and also the large sizes of Oxbow hays.

Galen's Garden - do an interesting range of herbs and natural pet health products including hay and dried herb treats. But remember that herbal products are not a replacement for good vetinary care.

Gorgeous Guineas sell essential oil soaks and shampoos for guinea pigs with skin problems. Again always get vetinary advice if your guinea pig has skin problems.

Live foods direct do mealworms, wax worms and other live foods. A number of bird food stores also stock them, along with a range of wild bird food. Try: CJ Wild Bird Foods, Wiggly Wigglers, Haiths and Garden Bird Supplies

Pet Planet They have Wodent Wheels for sale in the small animal toys section.

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